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Whole house water filter system for safe
water(Hardness Removal).

Product used in this process are certified by WHO and NSF

Whole House Water Filter

Whole House Water Softner ( With Added Minerals )

The product is designed in such a way that ARRESTING particles which are not visible to necked eyes are filtered systematically by fine filtration to the extent of 5Micron and soften the water to safe guard all pipe lines, costly showers, Taps, from scaling . Since the calcium (Cl) & Magnesium (Mg) are the main culprit for creating water hardness Micropore designed a product for making Hard water in to soft water on line

How it works

Whole house water filter (SOFTENER) is fixed between underground sump or direct to pump discharge to over head tank . During pumping water from borewell / from sump some sediments/ particles which are not visible from necked eyes will be arrested in 4 stages

What is 4 Stage Filtration?

Stage 1 : Pre filter @10 micron
Here when you collect water from bore well in a glass, water looks very clean and with no colour. When we pass same water in 10 Micron filter media all suspended solids like mud particles etc are arrested (ref Pic 3) and made to flow to carbon filter.

Stage 2 Carbon filter:
Water from the pre filter out let is connected to carbon filter inlet , All organic and inorganic substance , smell, taste is controlled thru activated carbon and allowed for sequester process.

Stage 3 Sequester:
The main reason for Hardness in water is Calcium & Magnesium, once we neutralise this the water becomes soft. This process is called sequester .This improves water flow, avoids Scale formation, corrosion, white spots , and reduce chlorine dosing The use of Silphos as sequester makes water soft.

Stage filtration 4 :
Check filter @ 1Micron : This is most Important stage in water purification, since the water is in process from Stage 1 to Stage 3 all suspended solids carryover from one stage to other stage is completely arrested to the extent of 1 micron a clean water is collected in over head storage tank for distribution to “WHOLE HOUSE” This water is soft water / Sequester water. This water is soft and avoids scaling (even remove old deposits of scaling)

Effects of Hard water

Advantage of Sequester water:

  1. No additional power required during pumping
  2. Avoids scaling
  3. Saves costliest taps and showers
  4. Avoids Hair fall
  5. Saves on laundry expenses
  6. Avoids skin irritation
  7. Huge saving on power bill
  8. Makes cooking fast