Change your water, Change your life style

Whole house water filter system for safe
water(Hardness Removal).

Product used in this process are certified by WHO and NSF


Applying technology to Hard Water

Using a natural, renewable resource, Micropore Hard water filters take a completely new approach that puts both your health and the environment first and at a cost that's far less per glass.

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The Difference in technology

Certified to Filter a Long List of Contaminants

Ground water is diminishing day by day. Bore well are dug at every 30feet hence the water table is at risk ,Rain water harvesting is vanished due to Asphalt of roads and foot path cementing , beautification of city ,the effect of this is on ground water like increase in TDS (total dissolved solids) Tss (Total suspended solids) Calcium As Ca ,Magnesium as Mg and iron as Ferrous Fe . The natural water is contaminated due to our life style .Micropore as a professional company developed a product with Polyphosphate based imported from Germany with approvals like NSF and WHO . Using a proprietary 3stage process by bulldozing the old conventional softener (using Slat for regeneration brine water). Stage 1 all physical contamination is arrested stage 2 excess smell odor thru Activated carbon is removed 3rd stage Ca Mg and fe which are main culprit for water hardness is embedded. It is safe for utility and for other application at residence service station apartment etc,

Easy to Install and Maintain

Depending on the model you choose, Micropore Hard water unit can be installed in just 3-15 minutes. The Pump out let is connected to the inlet of filter unit and the out let is to the over head tank by a ordinary plumber.The by pass line is provided for safety in case of filter choke /Maintenance etc. Filter unit is covered by Powder coated GI sheets which avoids the direct sunlight on filter cartridge keeps away from fungus/alge formation. Periodical check on Pre filter is required once a month /two.The phosphates replacement is decided on total usage(minimum of 6months) and dissolve condition and its volume if require can be refilled at minimum cost of Rs 3500/-

A Soft water Family is a Healthy Family

Soft water is essential for Bath, washing of cloths total utility at home. Hard water creates white patches everywhere blocks costly Fucckets, damage Heating elements (geezers) consume more electricity for water heating, more detergents for cloth wash Improve on Domestic RO cartridge life etc, Micropore soft water can save power bill , detergent bill and make life easy & Healthy with soft water .

Better for Health. Better for the Environment

Micropore soft water filters help you and your family maintain health and they also help the environment. Due to Hard water Hair loss , Excess calicium in body leads to health hazards ,fe leads to yellow patches on cloths as well as bathrooms and many disadvantages are completely avoided with Micropore new technology , Soft water is for better health and for better environment in our life. Micropore Cartridge will make difference in this application.

There's a Micropore for Everyone

Place Micropore Anywhere. Enjoy 2500ltr/hr Where You Need It.

Micropore was designed to be flexible. Choose the Micropore Domestic model witn a flow of 2500ltr/hr car wash with flow of 5000ltrs/hr and Appt model with different flow rates . Models are designed to specific application and also on the basis of TDS and hardness max 500ppm is allowed for this application for better results. Flow model for quick and easy placement. Choose the Flow Plus to locate Micropore under the sink and out of sight.