Change your water, Change your life style

Whole house water filter system for safe
water(Hardness Removal).

Product used in this process are certified by WHO and NSF

Comparison with other Methods

Other Method

Conventional softener
Micropore Sequester 3stage filtration
Conventional softener Micropore
Uses Ion exchange technology Uses sequestering technology
Replaces hard salts (Cl,Mg) with soft salt in significant increase in sodium in the treated water Binds the hard salts (Cl,Mg) and in hibits/neutralizes its properties. Does not alter the water chemistry
Huge in Size Needs a Separate place for Installation Very compact in size Can be field –mounted /installed easily by any one
Does not filter physical impurities in water Additional filters will have to be used Comes in built in filtration system for secondary of sediments
Regular Re generation results in wastage of water (up to 500 liters/ generation) No Regeneration
No Regular Maintenance
No Water Wastage
Needs a separate pump for regeneration No Pump required and hence no additional electricity required
Manual operations (Regeneration /Rinse/service thru Multi port valves are required on regular basis Simple Fit and Forget
High Maintenance cost (salt+ Electricity+ water+ replacement of resigns ) Low maintenance cost (only replacement of cartridge )
Largely assembled and sold by un organised entities resulting in wrong design /Sub-standard components and sometimes incompatible with site requirements Standard Manufacturing practices at State -of -the -art process @ Micropore in Bangalore
Largely assembled and sold by un organised entities resulting in wrong design /sub standard components and sometimes in compatible with site requirements Standard Manufacturing Practices at factory Micropore in Bangalore
After sales service is uncertain. Sometimes Unorganised players simply disappear after supply Rest assured about service By Micropore in many products and categories
High capital cost Low capital cost